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The nature of insurance and its role inside of wealth creation.

Is it a scam, a shelter, or an asset to be hedged?
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Investing Basics 101: The what, how, when, and why of investing.

Too many people want to invest but have no idea why. They think it’s the way to make money, but if you’re blindly going into the stock market or relying solely on the opinion of others without doing ...
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Choosing a male dominated world

At my first corporate job, we traveled for conference shows. During one particular trip, we ended up at a strip club where my boss bought me my first lap dance. I was literally sitting among three ...
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What is the purpose of a credit card?

The 1% of elites will tell you that credit cards are used to earn money. Do I have your attention now?
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What is the best way to build wealth?

Wealth is not a linear path.
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How does money work?

Did you know most people are not familiar with how money works? We think it’s something we have to continuously work for and then be super smart and diligent with our savings so that we can ...
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What is financial literacy and why is it important?

Financial literacy is not about getting rich quick, hoarding money, or following the latest trend.
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Why is wealth important?

If you want to never stop working hard and make lots of money, wealth is an irrelevant topic. But if you want to actually buy back some time and freedom in your life, that’s where wealth creation ...
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What is the true meaning of wealth?

Most people often confuse being rich with being wealthy, but there is a significant difference between the two.
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Knowing your exit number

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a working professional in your 9-5, something that should at least have crossed your mind, is what’s called an exit number.
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