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5 Best Actionable Tips to Break the Cycle of Debt Repayment (Every Family Must Know)

Imagine a weight constantly pressing on your chest, making each breath just a little more strained. This is exactly what mounting debt feels like, a relentless burden compressing family joy and ...
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How you look at debt is how you look at yourself.

Most of my students fear debt. They see it as this evil thing that is just holding them back from getting ahead in life.
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Choosing a male dominated world

At my first corporate job, we traveled for conference shows. During one particular trip, we ended up at a strip club where my boss bought me my first lap dance. I was literally sitting among three ...
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Knowing your exit number

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a working professional in your 9-5, something that should at least have crossed your mind, is what’s called an exit number.
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How money can change your life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Many of us hold a certain significance and put money on a pedestal. Some couldn’t care less about money as long as they get to live their best life.
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How should a beginner budget?

I’m a bit of an oddball, weirdo, or whatever the outsider term is. Basically, I go against the grain.
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How to stop feeling guilty about spending YOUR money!

Have you ever made a mistake? One that you felt bad or guilty about? How did you deal with these emotions?
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9 Details about Money that are Lost in the Noise

We live in a world of information overload. And when it comes to money, you have everyone from gurus to your son’s school janitor telling you how to invest and what to do with your money. But where ...
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How do I stop stressing about money?

What if I were to tell you that all your money concerns can be washed away by doing this one single thing?
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3 Ways to Build a Better Relationship with Your Money

I used to think money was the root of ALL evil. But who hasn’t at one point or another?
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