Can't keep track of your finances?

We got you! Get rid of the chaos with our most popular templates. 

Here's what you get inside

Our templates offer you a one stop shop to help you manage your finances, get a high level picture of where you are money wise and much more! Each of our templates comes with video walkthroughs so you'll know exactly how to use each template.

Statement of Accounts

This is intended to give you a high level overview of all your current accounts so you can get "The lay of the land" and know where your focus needs to be.

Cashflow Tracker

Split your expenses into categories that help you get clarity with exactly where each dollar is going, where you're overspending and where your money is going.

The Savage Investor

A noise canceling template that helps you focus your investments. (intended for beginners wanting to dip their toes into investing

svc templates

Asset Allocation

A structure to help pay yourself first.

Calculator included so you can play with the numbers and see first hand in real time how you can pay yourself. PS - this is the #1 habit that separates the elite 1% from the 99%

The total value of our training is over $3,294 but you can get started with our templates for $18

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Want to learn the #1 Hack to STOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Don't sleep on this!

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The 5 COREs Principle

Your guide and building blocks to laying the foundation to creating generational wealth. 


Wealth Chats Podcast

A place where the money conversations happen because you can't learn something if it's not talked about.

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