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I will personally guide you, step-by-step, through transformative financial changes based on the 5 COREs Principles. Experience transformation in every step of your financial journey.

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“People confuse wealth with being rich. Being rich means you have a lot of money, but having wealth means you have created the freedom and time for yourself.”

Queenie Wei
Your Guide Through The Financial Literacy Game

Meet Queenie Wei – standing in your corner as you navigate the complexities of the financial world. Together, wealth-building isn’t just a lofty goal; it becomes an actionable plan. Her strategies are grounded in the realities of daily financial decisions and challenges your families face.

Queenie’s mission? To make complex financial concepts understandable and simple for your family to act upon. She’s more than a coach; she’s your accountability partner.

Focusing on instilling the fundamentals of financial literacy to help your family make decisions towards stability and growth.

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Ceniza Mejia Content Manager & Copywriter

With one simple conversation with ZERO shame has helped me tremendously towards creating generational wealth. I felt more empowered than ever about our financial future as a family.


It's super exciting!! So many light bulbs going off, especially learning about how banking works. I think that was one of the big turning points, along with diving deep into my mindset about money.

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Financial Literacy

What is Financial Independence?

When people envision financial independence, they often associate it with being wealthy. However, financial independence is not solely about having a substantial amount of money;

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