New Book
Reveals How to Build Generational Wealth

Queenie Wei

From the Desk of Queenie Wei

Dear Friend,

Ever feel like laying a solid foundation for your family’s financial future is just out of reach, especially if you’re not already a finance whiz?

Well, today might just be a game-changer for you.

But First... A Disclaimer

Look, I’m not about to tell you that everyone who reads this book magically becomes a financial guru. That’s not how it works.

My journey? It’s been filled with trials, errors, and a heck of a lot of learning. 

I’ve had to face my own money demons, wrestle with them, and come out stronger.

Thanks to a lot of therapy and a fierce commitment to not just my family’s financial health but yours too, I’ve turned those lessons into strategies.

Not everyone gets it right off the bat, and that’s okay.

What I’m sharing works, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all.

It’s about your journey, your background, and how much you’re ready to put in.

Exactly What You're Getting

So, what’s in this book that makes it different from the zillion other finance books out there?

First off, it’s a no-nonsense guide.

We’re not just talking money here; we’re talking about a whole new way to think about it.

It’s not your typical finance book; it’s a straight-talking, easy-to-follow field guide for your financial journey.

It’s just 126 pages. 

You can literally cozy up and read it in one afternoon.

And what you’ll get is my whole approach to creating a stable financial future.

No fluff, no filler, just the real deal on how to start building that generational wealth.

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

Everybody knows

…or do they? 

You’ve probably heard the usual spiel: buy a house, save for retirement in the usual ways, and you’re set, right? 

Nope, not always the case. 

I stopped following these ‘rules’ years ago, and let me tell you, it’s made all the difference. 

I’m here to bust those myths and show you a different path, one that’s worked for me and countless others.

Plus you’ll also discover…

But that’s not all…

You’ll also uncover secrets like…

But that’s not all…

You’ll also uncover ruthless secrets like …

Rich Does Not Equal Wealthy

This section of the book might just change how you view money forever. 

Being rich? That’s great, but being wealthy? That’s a whole different ball game.

Wealthy means having the freedom, the time, and the resources to live life on your terms. 

And guess what? It’s totally achievable.

  • The Wealthy Mindset: Learn how the wealthy think differently about money and how you can adopt the same mindset.
  • Building Wealth Beyond Money: Discover how true wealth encompasses more than just your bank balance. It’s about creating a life rich in experiences and freedom.
  • Systematic Wealth Building: I’ll guide you through setting up systems that ensure your wealth keeps growing, even when you’re not looking.

You’re right… that’s a lot of proven, real-world strategies and tactics that are working right now.

But it’s just the tip of the iceberg because you’re also getting…

An Advanced Process For Laying The Foundations For Generational Wealth And Creating Financial Freedom For Your Family

Listen up…

Creating generational wealth and achieving financial freedom is not as complicated as it seems. 

It’s about understanding a few key principles and then putting them into action.

  • Step 1: Develop a Wealth Mindset: It starts in your head. Adopting the right mindset is crucial for long-term wealth building. This book will help reshape your thinking and attitude towards money.
  • Step 2: Leverage the 5 COREs Principle: These are the pillars of your financial journey – banking, credit, debt, investment, and insurance. Understanding and applying these principles is crucial to building a solid financial foundation.

Most people miss out on this, but the elite don’t just save money; they make their money work for them. 

That’s the secret to moving from just having cash to building real, sustainable wealth.

Here's What To Do Next

The book, “Financial Literacy for the 99%,” is priced at $9.25 and is available on Amazon.

Why Amazon?

Because it’s where you, along with millions of others, shop for books.

It’s convenient, reliable, and lets you see what others think of the book too.

$9.25 is a small investment for something that could fundamentally change your approach to building wealth.

It’s not about the price; it’s about the value it brings to your financial journey.

No Tricks, Just Transparency: This isn’t about me making a quick buck.

It’s about spreading the word and making a real difference.

There are no hidden fees, no follow-up sales pitches, just a straightforward path to getting this book.

Time Is Of The Essence

Why the urgency? Because every day you’re not taking action on your financial education is a day not moving closer to your goals. I want to get this book into as many hands as possible, as quickly as possible.

This isn’t just about selling books; it’s about igniting a change in how people view and handle their finances. It’s about starting a movement towards financial empowerment and freedom.

So, if you’re ready to take a significant step towards securing your financial future, head over to Amazon and grab your copy today.