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Building a Positive Relationship with Money! 💰✨️ Middle-class...
Hey middle class families, let’s talk about debt...
Hey middle class families, let’s talk about getting...

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Financial Literacy
Queenie Wei

Debunking the Myth: “I’m Just Not Good with Money”

In today’s whirlwind of financial advice and wealth-building strategies, it’s easy to feel like an outsider looking in. Perhaps you’ve uttered the words yourself or heard them in passing – “I’m just not good with money. It’s not my thing.”  This single sentence is loaded with defeat and resignation, a

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Financial Literacy
Queenie Wei

What is Financial Independence?

When people envision financial independence, they often associate it with being wealthy. However, financial independence is not solely about having a substantial amount of money; it’s about having enough funds to cover your expenses and live the life you desire. The term that aligns with this concept is “Wealth Creation”,

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