How does money work?

Did you know most people are not familiar with how money works? We think it’s something we have to continuously work for and then be super smart and diligent with our savings so that we can eventually retire and hope that we have enough money before it runs out. 

…. Not my definition of a fun life, you?

Likely not.

Often, it’s the way we think about money that makes the most difference. It’s less about how much money we can make and more about what we can do with the money that we DO make right now. If we boiled it down to a simple strategy – it’s either you make more money, or you reduce your expenses. But here’s the catch:

Making MORE money doesn’t mean you have to put MORE time and effort into working a job, side hustle, or starting a business. 

Money is a tool. Once you understand that, you’ll learn how to wield the tool and make it work for you. I did a Facebook live a while back with an ex-banker and he was generous enough to reveal some big secrets of how the banks actually work and why it’s not always in your best interest. 

But where can we learn this information with the limitless resources on the internet?

One way is to take a financial course. In life, you can either spend your time or your money to help you level up. If you have the time to cross reference resources, and spend countless hours on the internet searching, you’ll find what you’re looking for (I did that). But, if you want guidance and support to help you get to your goal faster, it’s best to hire a coach who has already done the work or take a class. 

What is a financial class? 

A financial class can be many things. Your university economics class, to accounting, bookkeeping, the list goes on. 

For me and the team at Soul Vibe Capital, we teach you the basics. The fundamental pillars you NEED to create wealth. Remember, wealth requires a foundation and you can’t build a house without first building the foundation. It’s my belief that once you understand the basics, it’s much easier to digest all other financial information that is out there on the web. 

Insecurity or fear usually kicks in when you don’t have a grasp of the basics so you’re always struggling to catch up. But, if you ignore the noise and start with the basic fundamentals, you’ll not only learn faster, you’ll also be able to apply this knowledge within your own financial journey MUCH faster. 

Compound interest can be your best friend, but you’ve got to learn how to leverage it first! 

What is part of financial literacy that EVERYONE should understand?

The basics!

When you’re new to starting your financial literacy journey, don’t jump right into the deep end. Stay away from all the “get rich quick” or build wealth overnight because you already know – it’s not true! 

Our 99% Tribe KNOWS this and practices these principles knowing that it takes more than a day to master.

Do financial education programs work? 

Depends on the end result you’re looking for. There are financial education programs that teach theory (these are most of the university courses you would take) and then there’s applying the theory into practical everyday life practices which is a part of what I teach. 

If you’re in the journey where you’re only comfortable getting the knowledge and that’s enough for you (which is perfectly okay), then perhaps theoretical knowledge is enough. We have our 5 COREs Principle eCourse where you get all the knowledge we teach within our programs and it’s a great place to start to get your feet wet. 

If you’re ready to apply these into your own life and lay your foundation of generational wealth, check out our wealth creation program for hands on learning, rebuilding your relationship with money, and a personalized roadmap to lay your own foundation for wealth. 

Should I take a personal finance class? 

The short answer is – yes!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know that I see financial literacy as a form of self care. AND I also believe that you deserve it!

For this to be valuable, however, you have to realign it with your why. If your sole purpose in taking a personal finance class is to “get rich quick”, then we’re definitely NOT the right fit for each other and that’s okay. I don’t teach people “how to make money” – I teach our students to leverage their capital and how to make money with their own money vs making money with their time. Slight difference, but a powerful one that will pay dividends down the road.

Some people will work till old age to make money. Our 99% Tribe will leverage mindset and knowledge so we have both wealth and the freedom of time.

If you’re ready for that, let’s get started today.


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