How money can change your life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Many of us hold a certain significance and put money on a pedestal. Some couldn’t care less about money as long as they get to live their best life.

There’s nothing wrong with either of the above… but neither of them creates wealth.

Wealth is not the same as being rich, and oftentimes we confuse the two. 

We’ve all heard the stories of someone gambling their money away and becoming homeless or a drug addict, the ones where rich families fight to the death for an inheritance, and the people who donate all their money to charity and social causes. 

Money is simply a tool that you can wield. It’s a resource and it can be good, bad, or ugly.

That choice resides within you.

Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

No. Greed on the other hand is likely the culprit. Because money is simply the currency we have today.

If water was the currency, or french fries (I’m thinking food), then would that make water the root of all evil?

If you’re like me, you’re likely hungry now and want some french fries. Jokes aside, we put the blame on money because it’s easier than looking deeper within to see what’s the real cause of “evil”. Generally, it’s never the tool itself but rather, human nature. The real question is, what is money enabling in us that was already there?

Here’s one example you might have heard: “Guns kill people” or is it: “people kill people”?

What Does Money Do To The Brain?

There are several different ways money can impact the brain.

One of them is stress, and sometimes that stress can lead to bad financial choice. Money fatigue and having to weigh your financial options can actually take a mental toll and impact your brain function. Here are some ways you can to reduce money stress without the mental toll. 

The pursuit of money within itself can actually cause addiction. “Sometimes, the compulsive need to acquire money is often considered part of a class of behaviors known as process addictions or “behavioral addictions” which are distinct from substance abuse” this is explained by psychologist Dr. Tian Dayton (How money changes the way you think and feel

The addiction happens more so from “the chase” because we humans actually get excited at the thought of money. As in ACTUAL neurons fire under MRIs and there’s a distinguishable pattern that flares up whenever money is brought up (done by a study at Stanford)

With all that, it’s no wonder some of us cringe at the thought of money OR jump for joy out of excitement. Which end of the spectrum are you on?

Does Money Influence Our Emotions?

Science would argue yes.

Check this article out from a financial psychologist, Dr. Brad Klontz “overriding our natural impulses is needed to meet the financial demands of modern society, which require us to delay gratification, save money and build wealth.”

But what that doesn’t include is we NEED our emotions BEFORE that path to wealth begins. Here’s why:

Before you can be in an empowered and educated state of deciding what to do with your money, you have to first use your emotions to figure out what you want in the present moment.

Yes, you have to make sacrifices when it comes to wealth creation but it doesn’t mean that you have to FOREVER suffer. You need to create milestones for yourself to celebrate the successes, acknowledge the setbacks, and that’s where emotions come in. Delaying gratification can have its extremes too, don’t get caught in the trap of an ultimatum.

The True Gift Of Money

Money isn’t good, bad, or ugly. But it IS something that can change your life if you learn the secrets that the 1% has kept from you. It can be used to create wealth. The true gift of money is freedom, but that doesn’t mean you should kill yourself trying to get it either. There is beauty in the process and it all starts with laying your foundation.

At Soul Vibe Capital, we teach you the 5 COREs Principle and help you lay the foundation to creating generational wealth. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you can get rich overnight (if you’re good), but you’ll never be able to create wealth overnight. The reason being…

Rich people work very hard for their money. The wealthy have their money working FOR them. 


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