EP 22. Discipline Is Something You Build

Wealth Chats
Wealth Chats
EP 22. Discipline Is Something You Build

Today I talk about a trigger for me.  Now I hope you all can listen to this episode today, which is only 10 minutes out of your day by the way, when other people say I’m waiting untill I feel aligned or I have too much on my plate right now it triggers me.  When others are, so-called guided by their feelings because although it’s healthy to have feelings, feelings are not a good representation to run our life. 

Let’s all acknowledge what we feel.  Process it.  Then let’s discuss self-discipline.  If your objective is to grow, if your objective is to achieve any sort or form of a goal, feelings alone are not enough. 

You have to practice discipline


Wealth Creation is a discipline 

and people forget that.

Listen in to hear all the details about practice.  Practicing wealth creation, practicing the things that you want out of life!

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